Nicolas Malet & Alternative RVB

Nicolas Malet & Alternative RVB

🚀 Passionate about creating high-quality web experiences, I am a freelance Frontend developer specializing in the design and development of custom websites and online stores. My goal is to bring your ideas to life by blending refined aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality.

💡 In addition to my work in web development, I have a passion for teaching Frontend and Web design. I offer practical training to help professionals and web enthusiasts acquire the skills needed to create professional websites. My teaching approach is hands-on, and my students gain practical skills from day one.

Whether it’s for a custom website project, a high-quality online store, or to enhance your Frontend development skills, I’m here to support you.

Explore the World of Web with My Courses

Objective: To train groups of people in Web design and Web and mobile development. My aim is to introduce you to the latest web approaches, including responsive design, adaptability with HTML5 and CSS3, interactivity with JavaScript, using a bash shell, and code management with Git.

I train audiences of all ages, ranging from 10 to 20 individuals, in continuing education centers or in corporate settings. My experience as an instructor spans all corners of France:

  • In Paris: Edugroupe, Egilia, Intelligence Power
  • In Marseille, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Carpentras, Toulon: Simplon, Webforce3, MODE83, CONSULTEAM, CIT formation, MG Formation, Cap Formation
  • In Nantes, Lille: Ecole Eni, Ecole Aston

My Projects: Creation and Innovation

The journey of a freelancer demands great adaptability and unwavering versatility. I work tirelessly to enhance my clients' communication by creating exceptional websites and crafting engaging publications to promote their activities.

Whether it’s setting up a CMS like WordPress or developing features in JavaScript, PHP, and other frameworks, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and design the tools your clients need. Feel free to browse my portfolio for a glimpse of my various projects.

A Passion Turned into Work

HTML, SCSS, and Vanilla JS Mini-Games for Learning and Improvement

Whenever time allows, I delve into creating mini-games…

Here’s a preview of a “To-Do List” application

An example of a small JavaScript task manager application
An example of a small JavaScript task manager application

I developed this application using a CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment) approach with the help of Git and Vercel.

This method saves a considerable amount of time during the development of a mini-site.

My Portfolio

Furthermore, the Alternative RVB website, my personal platform, is built using the Hugo framework, a Go-based static site generator. A picture can sometimes convey more than words; here’s a diagram illustrating the development process with Hugo.

graph TD md(Markdown file)-->fw(Framework
HUGO) hc(HTML)-->fw sass(SASS)-->fw js(JavaScript)-->fw go(GO)-->fw fw-->git(Versioning with Git) cms(CMS)-.-git git-->net(Deployement with Netlify) net-->ws(Website)

Want To Create Project Like This ?

Contact me and tell me about your projects: custom site creation, online store or web development.

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